MirkoDiTV's track "Freedom to Rave" sauces' repo. https://music.mirkodi.eu/musicdownloads.html#Freedom-to-Rave
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MirkoDiTV feat. Ameline - Freedom to Rave

Hello! You're currently visiting "Freedom to Rave"'s very Git repo! Here are LMMS projects and other source files.


You can listen to, purchase and/or download Freedom to Rave freely on the following platforms (without DRM):

Platform URL
My music website https://music.mirkodi.eu/musicdownloads.html#Freedom-to-Rave
Bandcamp https://mirk0dex.bandcamp.com/album/freedom-to-rave
Jamendo https://www.jamendo.com/track/2021992/freedom-to-rave-feat-ameline
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/mirk0dex/freedom-to-rave

How to "compile"

You should first export the instrumental track (freedom-to-rave.mmp) and then open it in freedom-to-rave-vocals.mmp.

Please note that, unfortunately, for some reason, VeSTige stopped working on my end, and all those tracks have to run Vital. You probably have to open it manually in all of them :|.

I also used DPF Plugins v1.5.

You can then use Matchering or any other mastering AIs, just like I did, because I'm lazy and I dont hav maximiser

Open the result in Audacium/Tenacity (Audacity is spyware) and cut away the boring first and last 64 bars. Congratulations! You now have a radio edit of Freedom to Rave.


Unfortunately, because of their proprietary, freedom-restricting licenses, I can't share all samples with you.

I can however tell you that I did use samples from the following packs:

Note that all spaces in filenames of samples used have been replaced with dashes.

If you think I missed any, please let me know!