The minimalist umbrella site to find other simple, static, JavaScript-less (and PHP-less) sites around the WWW.
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Copyright (C) 2022 mirk0dex <>

The website is licensed under the WTFPL license. See the COPYING file for details. Or just check out the following comic strip, it'll help you understand the license better: <> (unfortunately not HTTPS).

JSless Web Index

Aren't you sick of slow arse websites taking longer than it's been since your great great grandfather's death to load just to show you a picture of a wildebeest and a penguin together?

Well, this may not be the solution you're looking for, 'cause that's either gemini:// or gopher:// you're looking for.

Though, the good ol' web's still got many minimalist and simple trasures waiting for someone to go ahead and find them.

And that's the main goal of this project: find them and put them in a huge list, organized by category and sorted alphabetically.

So if you need a workaround that allows you to enjoy some of the web without having to deal with bloat, spyware and security vulnerabilities, you'll find it in one of the links in the next section.

Where to find it

Where to find the JSLess Web Index:

Network Address
// Currently unavailable.

NOTE: This project's development process has just begun: there are no active hosts for the index at the moment.

Contributing: help needed!

This is a project I especially need help for, since I can't add all of the links myself! To send us a website address, simply fork the repo, add it to the code and send a pull request. I'm also gonna create an e-mail you will be able to send URLs to, just be patient.

No CONTRIBUTING file for this project. Just read the above if you didn't already.

Website requirements

To be added to the list, a website must:

  • contain no JavaScript;
  • make use of no PHP;
  • contain no objects requiring Adobe Flash to be displayed;
  • contain no applets, of any type;
  • not be interactive;
  • basically just be a static, plain HTML and CSS website.